Shopfitting three stores simultaneously

Shopfitter received a call from a large company that 3 of their Dublin stores needed to be fitted. This included everything from slatwall, to customer furniture pieces, one manager even requested a company bunkbed for the night shift managers.
These three stores needed to be fitted essentially at the same time, this meant we had to start the construction of all of the furniture pieces & installations, such as slatwall, early in the project. We immediately got to work cutting, sanding, painting & finishing slatwall. This was so all of the slatwall was cut and ready to be installed before anything else.
Our team was split into three, as each store was being worked on simultaneously. First, we had our teams remove anything that was not needed and was left over from the previous owners, this included destruction of plaster walls and the removal of furniture. From there we had the teams install all new wiring, both ethernet and electrical wires for all of the cashier areas and data services. Afterwards we had those teams install all of the slatwall, as the custom furniture pieces were being installed, such as racks and shelving made to custom dimensions to hold specific products.
When the slatwall was installed, we had our teams install a brand new, quality wooden flooring. This is for both aesthetic and quality purposes. The theme these stores were going for were old, but still modern style. This meant that the floor had to be wooden, but also had to be resistant to spills and dirt. That is why we had the wood sprayed and finished with a high duty lacquer that is stain & dirt resistant. This was perfect for their needs as it allowed them to keep their wooden old aesthetic, without the hassle of constant cleaning & mopping.
The project began in Mid-February, and was finished the first week of March.

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