Apparel Shop Fitout: Itsome

Prepare yourself for some excitement and inspiration here, because in the next few paragraphs we are going to present you one of our most unique and well-received shop fit-outs.

When we were contacted by the company behind the clothing retailer Itsome, they expressed their desire for a clean shop design, with a modern, quality feel to it. They wanted something understated yet spectacular, minimalistic yet jaw-dropping.

Can you guess what we did? Exactly. We delivered.

No matter how hard the task, our team can wipe it out with skill and creativity.

Quick information about the client

Itsome is a clothing store located in the Cork, Ireland. It’s actually a chain of stores, but this case study revolved around a single one.

Because there is an immense amount of this kind of shops scattered all over the country (who would have guessed, right?), we had to provide them with a design that had never been seen before. And, being a retailer of high-end apparel, it also needed an exclusive feel to it.

To put it shortly Itsome wanted to show the world they were the best ones out there. Just like we have proven over and over again to be the best shop fitters in Dublin and all of Ireland.

And here’s what we did.

We were basically given an empty salon and said “alright, do your thing”.

We started by crafting and designing the reception desk, the cabinets and the exhibition stands for their clothing gear. Every single piece of wood that went through our hands was measured, painted, and assembled with the highest level of care to ensure that the custom units were without flaw.

Nothing pre-made, nothing mass-produced, no exceptions and no compromises. We made it all ourselves.

We were asked about heating solutions for a typical shop fitting, we recommended a storage heater, due to its low cost during the main hours of the day. 9-5. So we installed some storage heaters, one in every room of the store. 

We proceeded to work on the floors, walls, and the backlit shelving unit. The photos don’t do it justice, because in reality it looks like the pinnacle of luxury. Finally, we built and arranged the signage.

Regarding the colors, we managed to pull off a simple black and white palette which is usually pretty bland – but, as you can see, the geometry of the design elements made everything stand out even with this “sans-color” approach.

The floor? Solid walnut wood. We’ve received midnight calls to tell us how great it looks from people seeing it in photos. Wow.

The end result

The immense effort, combined with top-quality materials and our “it better be good” mentality made this place’s design far surpass our client’s expectations. If you ever decide to enter and take a look around, we guarantee you won’t want to get out without buying something. Which ultimately was our goal, right? Making your customers less likely to leave without some of what you’re selling.

We got in touch with the company recently to ask how the business is going. Apparently their sales skyrocketed after opening this new store. You could attribute it to the strategic amplasation of it, or… you can admit that great custom design plays a big role in turning passer-bys into customers.

If you want a similar fit out for your store or business, do not hesitate to contact us. We are always on call with friendly advice if you need it. We can take care of your shop, restaurant, or salon’s fit-out from A to Z, from design to execution, from day 1 to launch day.

Our vast experience and highly-skilled team of pros allow us to assure 100% satisfaction not just to you, but also to your customers. Call now and let’s discuss. We also do house renovations and house extensions, so if this is what you are looking for just let us know.

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