Challenging Shop Fitouts

Every week we carry out intricate and difficult projects for many shop fitouts throughout the Dublin City area. We are well equipped to handle every and any problem that can be thrown at us, we enjoy the challenge.

Most of our clients with for their store to be unique, to stand out from the rest, even if their store Is one of a franchise, they want theirs to be the best. That’s where we come in, with our excellent customer service standard, we guarantee that customer satisfaction comes first.

From the very beginning we involve the customer in all of the decisions, we advise them on how to design the stores layout, but they are free to suggest changes at every step along the way. Every customer at one point or another ends up sitting down with our in-house designers and working out a design that is not only perfect, but also well within their respective budget.

Our designers will talk you through every part of the process, being incredibly knowledgeable in every aspect of shop fitting, it’s all they do. They can explain everything to you, from square footage of product space compared to customer area, to the materials, which to choose, what looks best and what is the most durable and will look better with age.

This innate knowledge of material quality and durability comes from working with these materials every day. Building everything from Bed frames to a Radiator Cover. These guys are experts.


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