Immersion Heater Repair On-The-Spot in Ireland

Here at we exclusively deal with commercial fit outs, so installing an immersion heater is rarely on our minds. However, we had an odd shop fit that required a living space above it; a place for the owner to stay.

Our staff include qualified electricians and plumbers but we needed speed on the job and we decided that it would be significantly faster to wire and plumb the commercial and residential sections separately. With this we came upon a website known as

We needed to install an immersion heater anyway, which is something the shop fitters don’t come across very often. We learned that employed fully qualified plumbers and electricians too, so we were happy to have their team at Immersion Heater Repair wire and plumb the residential area of the building, it was faster and they were right at home installing the immersion, bathroom and general wiring and piping.

We wanted to put their name on our website as a token of appreciation. While it’s exceedingly rare that shop fitting requires residential construction, we know we have a dedicated team that can help us whenever we need it. were fast, efficient and great value for money. They came fully equipped with their own vans and sourced all their own materials. This isn’t that important for the client, but it made our jobs a lot easier which made the entire installation faster and faster installation is definitely important for our clients! Particularly when it comes to shop fitting. The faster the install, the lower the downtime on sales.

Immersion Heater Repair

October 17, 2016

5/5 stars

Immersion heater repair

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