Fuse Boards / Circuit Breakers for Your Shop

We design and build bespoke furniture and display cabinets for retail outlets. We can custom cut wood, glass, and mirrors to make your shop as unique as possible. For everything outside of cutting, designing and building display units we turn to our sister companies. supply and fit newer and safer fuse boards than the […]

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Apparel Shop Fitout: Itsome

1 2 Prepare yourself for some excitement and inspiration here, because in the next few paragraphs we are going to present you one of our most unique and well-received shop fit-outs. When we were contacted by the company behind the clothing retailer Itsome, they expressed their desire for a clean shop design, with a modern, […]

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Store Fitout Cork: Hairspray Cork

1 2 You might think you’ve seen it before, and you’d be somewhat right because we’ve previously done the shop fitting for Hairspray at another location. But trust us when we tell you: you haven’t seen this. After working on another Hairspray shop and delivering a stellar end result, the client was floored with the […]

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Clothing Shop Fitout: Forty6

1 2 We’ll be honest: we’ve never been told about a customer fainting of excitement upon entering a shop we’ve designed. However, with the recent launch of the Forty6 clothing store that built from scratch, this is likely going to change. If you’re the kind of person that likes to skim through articles or only […]

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Shop Design Hairspray

1 2 3 The team here at have been contracted by hairspray to fit out all of their stores across Ireland. From Dublin to Cork, have organised the shop design, manufactured the custom made furniture and fitted the shop installation for all Hairspray stores. Shop Design This particular shop design was chosen specifically […]

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Shop Fitting Hair Club

Shop Fitout: Hair Club

1 2 3 In September 2015 were contracted to build a brand new shop for our client, Hair Club, a hair and beauty specialist located in Dublin. The client needed a full shop fitting but they only had a general idea of what they wanted their shop to look like. This is very common, […]

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Store Fitting Thai Massage

Store Fitting: Thai Massage Parlour

1 2 During July 2015 were asked to do a site survey of a store fitting for Thai Massage in Dublin. The building was in a poor state, with five poorly spaced and badly lit rooms creating a shoddy atmosphere and portraying a very second-rate vibe to the service provided. agreed that doing […]

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