Shop Builder Foróige were contracted to do a project for Foróige Tallaght, a local branch of the youth group. As a shop builder and shop fitter, we’re perfectly happy to lend our skills to any type of development work, even if the client is building spaces for people to relax in such as comfortable tables and chairs instead of designing a business premises.

The design of the building was entirely different compared to a shop fitting. We didn’t need a shop builder mentality, as there was no products to draw the eye to and no interest in trying to keep people staying around a long time in order to make a sale, the only important feature of the space was comfort. However, we were still building to create a similar space to a shop; warm, inviting and brightly lit, a room that’s nice to be in is generally nice to be in regardless of the purpose behind it. The real design difference was the lack of a “centre” there was no specific area needed for sales, just multiple comfortable areas for people to relax in.

Everything else in the build was surprisingly similar; the furniture design was unique to Foróige, but for a custom shop builder, all furniture is unique to a certain extent. Everywhere might need a couch, but each one is different. The same can be said for the tables and rad covers. Working on this project just shows that designing a sales area is very similar to what we were doing; which was designing a nice space for people to just sit in.

When it came to the actual construction, the building was like any other. A partition wall is a wall regardless of where it’s built. removed all the old materials and waste and then reinstalled the base of any building: electrics, plumbing, walls, floors and doors, before finishing with the custom built furniture we make in our Dublin based factory. All of the furniture was decided upon by foróige to match their colours, banners and youthful style.

All in all, we built a kitchenette, a few large tables and a lot of seating areas, there are a few sample pictures attached to give an idea of the finished product which we hope you take a look at to see the different design patterns used.

If you’re looking for a qualified shop builder to design, manufacture and install your store, or need someone with building expertise to build something a little unusual (like maybe a youth group centre) then get in touch with us today and will be more than happy to lend our expertise to you.

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