Shop Design Hairspray

The team here at have been contracted by hairspray to fit out all of their stores across Ireland. From Dublin to Cork, have organised the shop design, manufactured the custom made furniture and fitted the shop installation for all Hairspray stores.

Shop Design

This particular shop design was chosen specifically for a shopping centre as they need to have a distinct composition when compared to high street stores. There are no external walls to work with and the electrical make-up of the space is more constrained. This doesn’t make the work any more difficult, it’s just an important aspect to bear in mind during the shop design phase. If your shop is located in a shopping centre it’s important to recognise that they should be a part of the job at its design stage to avoid complications later. We configured the shop design to have a typical full glass front and plenty of space on the inside. The entire shop follows a feminine pink structure common to hair and nail companies and reinforcing the unique selling point of the space. The store follows a very common layout for hair stores and while changing small factors to increase how unique your company is, in this case, the T.V’s that broadcast into the shopping centre, it’s important to remember that people like what they recognise and they buy when they’re comfortable.

Shop Manufacture

Almost all of the furniture for Hairspray is custom built in house by our cabinet makers. The shelving is all manufactured by us and then spray painted both white and pink to give the unique shelving. The reception desk was similarly built by us. Planned in the shop design stage and then constructed to the measurements of the space. The two large cabinets that host T.V’s were also custom-built into the shop. The electrical wiring runs under both cabinets into the floor to make sure that it’s never visible to customers. There’s no cut in the box, as they were built with this function in mind, there’s just a small circular hole surrounded by plastic in the opening. This keeps dust and dirt from under the floor away from the electrics in the box and is just a tiny feature that building bespoke helps with.

Shop Installation

The final stage of any fitting project is the installation. worked through the night to build this hairspray shop as is standard with any shopping centre. The work progressed as one would expect, full internal flooring, wiring and plumbing was done first, before the pre-built cabinets and furniture was transported to the site and installed. The hallmark of is our turnaround. We work through the night as long as the store will allow, to ensure you can get your store up and running as soon as possible. Whether it was a refit or a starting installation we understand that time is money and are focused on getting your store finished as quick as we can.

If you need any kind of store fitted out, from a high street to a shopping centre, hair and nails to D.I.Y, give us a call and we’ll sit down with you and get you a quote.

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