Shop Fitout: The Wedding Shop’s Makeover

We here at ShopFitter have various successful and outstanding projects under our belt, and today we are proud to present you one of the most remarkable fit outs we have to this date: The Wedding Shop.

This growing company trusted us with the complete appearance of their locale, asking us for a design that gave their shop a cozy and homely feel. After countless hours of work, we managed to deliver exactly what they were looking for, leavingĀ  The Wedding Shop more than satisfied with the spectacular end result.

Quick information about the client

Although the name of the company already gives out most of the answer, it is worth mentioning that The Wedding Shop is a company that offers a wide variety of wedding-related gifts and products. For that reason, they were looking for a warm and welcoming look when they reached us for our expertise.

What we did

We are proud to say we have taken complete care of the interior design, manufacturing of the furniture, electric work and all the other tasks. We combined numerous materials and elements in order to come up with a result that was pleasing to the eye and effective in their purpose.

In order to create a cozy and appealing atmosphere, we designed and built the furniture and cabinetry using materials that perfectly blend with the feel they were trying to achieve. They were created with a soft and delicious off- white color, which is the most iconic representation of the idea of wedding. Each piece of the furniture was made of MDF and spray painted to assure maximum longevity and an out-of-this-world look. Furthermore, each piece was given a polyurethane finish to make the atmosphere more relaxing and welcoming.

One of the elements that give this place its particular wonderful look is the fireplace that we had installed in the main lobby of the store. This subtle but attractive element is the one that provides the complete store with that homely look our team was trying to achieve.

We also took care of the carpets that can be found in every single room of the store. They were crated with extreme care in order to give them an outstanding and highly satisfying look when implemented to the floors of the store.

Finally, we took care of the whole electric work of the place, from fixtures to the fireplace and everything inbetween

As it was stated before, we essentially built this place from scratch, and most certainly are very happy with the final result. The combination of the elements we employed in the fitting of The Wedding Shop gives it the exact feel and looks the owners were looking for - and which the customers will enjoy!

Designing rooms and spaces like this one is our passion, and we are always looking for new challenges to tackle. If you are looking for a similar job, give us a call and we will take care of it. We also run the highest rated kitchen extension and home renovation company in Dublin and can make your home, garage and kitchen 100% brand new.

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