Storage Heater

A storage heater uses electricity and stores it during the night to release it later during the day. At you will find that we offer a wide range of services from storage heater repairs to different household electrical elements.

To get a storage heater serviced will start at €78. Our licences and insured electricians will be able to assess the storage heater and in 95% of the time will be able to repair it on the spot.

A storage heater repair can reveal other electric issues such as switches and a fuse board. Our electricians are equipped with elements such as bathroom fans and thermostats to make your search for repair easier and efficient. Last year more than 70% of our repairs were completed within an hour.

We wanted to make sure that when our clients get in touch with us they can upgrade and repair their storage heaters with ease. Our sales team will consult you on the most efficient upgrade for your home based on size of your living space and the amount of people living in it. You can then put an order for a storage heater upgrade that will begin at only €450.

Our aim is to provide as many convenient services as possible including aesthetics of your storage heater. We provide a beautiful range of storage heater covers that will disguise the heater incorporating it into the interior design. Our designers will be able to create a one of a kind cover for the storage heater with a custom made pattern.

If the wide range of services is what you were looking for to save time on research and communication, get in touch with us at

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