Store Fitting: Thai Massage Parlour

During July 2015 were asked to do a site survey of a store fitting for Thai Massage in Dublin. The building was in a poor state, with five poorly spaced and badly lit rooms creating a shoddy atmosphere and portraying a very second-rate vibe to the service provided. agreed that doing a complete redo of the store fitting would help the business immensely improve the look and feel of the premises, which was especially important given the high quality label attached to the massage service.

With the agreement in place to remove the old furniture and install a completely revamped, brand new store, our designer sat down with the owner of Thai Massage and worked through everything they needed, from the number of rooms to the size needed for massage parlours, how much storage space was required and how large the staff rooms and bathrooms needed to be. We planned the entire layout of the store with the main reception area dominating the central space and massage parlours off to the side. The store is designed to give an authentic Thai feel on entry that cuts off the sights and sounds of the surrounding area. Creating a nice ambience full of decoration, which was intended to heighten the sense of luxury surrounding the store and build a first class store to accompany a first class service.

Most of the furniture and some of the décor was entirely constructed by, including all of the massage beds and rad covers. It was only some of the more specialised Thai statue decoration that was bought in, which would be a standard for – we can build virtually any furniture ourselves, except for specialised cultural statues! This is usually very handy for our clients as almost no project sticks with the exact idea set out at the start and if you need to change the size of a reception desk or add in more beds, it can be done as an extra with very short notice as we already own our own factory to build custom made furniture out of.

The philosophy here at is to do virtually every part of the build in-house. It allows our clients to work with one team and our team to know that everything on-site is their responsibility. We handle every aspect from the top level electrics, carpentry and plumbing work, on to building and installing the furniture and down to a full site cleaning. When we leave the site for good you will be able to open the store for business the next day, with absolutely no extras needed.

If you need a fully qualified team to complete your new full store fitting give a call, we can guarantee you an unparalleled amount of freedom in your build with one team, under one roof to help you get the best possible job done.

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