If you need a full shop design then look no further than shop We take care of every section of the design, from measuring to planning out the construction phase

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No matter what type of shop front you need fitted we have the team and the experience to ensure you get the best possible build based on the design drawings provided by us or you.

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Our design, manufacture and installation stages really suit a shop re-fit. As everything that can be done before we begin is finished. A full plan is in-place and all of the furniture is built.

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Shopfitting Solutions

Our workshop in Dublin produces quality shop fittings for a range of retail outlets from salons and shops to large retail outlets around the country.

We have a range of skilled tradesmen available to carry out all work required from electrical to tiling. We do eyerything ourselves In-house including design and manufacture with a fully trained crew that can bring projects in on time and on budget. We have invested in the latest machines and software to deliver your ideas quickly and with no fuss. We manufacture our own slat wall and supply slatwall accessories In-house saving time and money for our customers.

We can provide multiple colours with our full spraying facilities and can transform timber to match any colour scheme or brand required in our purpose built spray booth. We have a long list of satisfied customers both large and small that use our services on a regular basis, check out our galleries to see some examples of our recent work.

Please feel free to contact us for a quote or some advice on a project you have coming up on 01 4853440.

Recent Projects

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Have you considered a Radiator cover?

You know that we here at offer a wide range of products and services dedicated to ensuring we can accomplish a full shop fit that includes everything you need. From slatwall to custom desks, we do it all. Another item we often recommend to our clients are radiator covers. Radiators can ruin the look of your store, so covering them up with a stylish radiator cover from can really work well.

Shop Fitter in Dublin is a team of multi-disciplinary tradesmen who specialise in fitting out commercial premises. We have carpenters, electricians, plumbers and plasterers all fully qualified who work on shop fittings daily. We’ve fitted dozens of shops over the years, from massage parlours and hair salons to youth hostels and grocery stores. have experience fitting virtually all types of commercial outfits and we understand exactly how to sell a product to help you sell yours.

Shop Design

The most important aspect of shop fitting has nothing to do with the construction, materials or the finish. The central point to bear in mind is the shop design and we can’t stress this enough. A lady with a 24 carot gold necklace is graceful, whereas a 24 carot gold tooth isn’t. It isn’t always about what materials you use, but about how you use them, filling a shop with pure oak wood is irrelevant if it’s poorly lit or cluttered and these are basics that a number of shops miss.

The most important part of design is facilitating your company’s unique selling point (USP) and ensuring your best products are front and centre. There are a number of ways to do this; having your bestselling product in the middle of the store, uncluttered with little surrounding it can increase the impact that product has. It has proven sale quality and is quite easy for your staff to sell because it’s already the bestselling product and it’s in a very visible location. The shop fitting is obviously an import aspect to making it central in this scenario.

Another strategy is placing your bestselling product at the back of your store so people who come for that product have to walk past everything else you’re selling to get there. This is most beneficial when you know the customer is coming to your store for a specific reason. A great example is how coffee shops tend to place all of their food and juice items closest to the door, so you have to walk past them to get to the location where you can order the coffee, as the assumption is that once you’ve walked in the door, you clearly don’t need to be enticed to buy a coffee, you’re already planning on it. This fits the stores USP quite well, and it takes a bit of forward thinking to understand how to best set up your store.

We also provide

We can also follow the strategy of placing new products as a central aspect to the store. Some companies combine this with the 2nd option, by placing the brand new Iphone’s near the back of a store, Apple both ensure people look at all there other, cheaper products on the way to see the new Iphone and they have it set up visibly at the back of the store to show it off. This is obviously most utilisable when you have a product like the Iphone that actually has a huge amount of brand awareness that most stores do not, but that doesn’t mean you can’t copy the best strategies from the best companies and adapt them for you. When it comes to shop fitting, the shop design is the hardest aspect, building a few interior walls with shelves, seats or mirrors is important, but it’s also simple to install, planning where they go is the hard part.

Shop Manufacture

With that said the reason the manufacturing part isn’t important is because we’re so used to it.

When it comes to a shop fitting we know that we’re able to deliver high quality materials built to specifications because we actually have a Dublin based factory that makes custom-built furniture – – for all of our shop fittings. These guys build custom furniture all day every day, which gives us a lot of scope when we’re fitting out our stores which in turn gives our clients a lot of scope to decide what they need.

When you’re not constrained by what you can build, it really makes the shop design scenario easier to plan. You know that if, for some reason, you need a circular chandelier hanging from a wooden lion then you can have that built to precise specifications.

You dream, we build.

Shop Installation

Practically, when the designs are finalised and the cabinets, shelves and other furniture for the shop fitting are built we need to install the shop quickly and effectively, especially if it’s a renovation, we want you back trading or to start trading as soon as you can. Here at speed is a priority, as the sooner we get you selling the better for both you and us.

Should you wish to avail of our other services we provide bunk beds for commercial and private products either ready made or custom.