Broken Storage Heater? Find a replacement or someone to fix it!

Shops can get cold. Depending on where you base yourself or your shop light and heat is one of the absolute most important aspects to sales. People don’t spend money when there cold and they only spend money in the dark if you’re Hollister. This is the most standard and necessary shop design feature and is absolutely essential. However, this begs the question; what’s the best way to heat my store?

This honestly depends on what type of store you have. Ikea use a massive geothermal like pipe system to keep their new stores warm, but this usually isn’t what most stores have in mind when they want something cost-effective. This is where the installation of a storage heater make a lot of sense.

Storage Heater not working?

Here at we tend to recommend storage heaters for small to medium size stores. The newer models have numerous specs that make them ideal for heating these stores; much cheaper to install that oil or gas, easy to maintain, can change the heat of each one individually and they’re far cheaper than a dimplex to run. As such we get our storage heaters from a specialised company; You can click here to check out their full storage heater spec to give you an idea of the energy savings. are excellent for installing, fitting and maintaining their heating products and their team are all fully qualified electricians, which gives us peace of mind and ensures they’re reliable. If you ever get a storage heater (or multiple storage heaters) of us then they’ve all come from

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