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Exhibition Stands

Eye-catching and effective exhibition stands are a big plus when it comes to participating in trade shows, fairs and expos in Dublin and all across Ireland.

Your exhibition stand serves as a platform for showcasing your products. The goal is to attract potential customers, making a lasting impression on them.

We are specialists in designing and installing professional exhibition stands that will help your business stand out from everyone else in the convention centre.

With high quality materials, excellent workmanship and a flawless spray painted finish, we can build and install a stand that reflects your brand identity perfectly and puts your products in the best light possible.

Give us the chance to design a unique booth for your next event. Get in touch today for a quote and to schedule a meeting with one of our experts.

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Trade Show Booths

When attending a trade show, you want to make sure you get the most benefit out of the resources you dedicate to it.

These resources typically consist of your sales team’s time and wages, travel and accommodation fees. On top of that, there are the participation fees that you pay to the venue or the convention centre, the cost of your trade show booth, and all the labour associated with installing it before the show and removing it afterwards.

Great trade show booths are excellent at grabbing the attention of visitors, they communicate your brand message, and they shift the focus to the products you came to advertise.

Exhibition attendees walking through the venue pass by dozens or hundreds of booths competing for their attention, and directing that towards your exhibition stand is where our expertise comes in.

Our company specialises in booths that are visually striking and strategically designed to complement your marketing efforts. Your booth should be a reflection of your brand’s values, personality, and unique selling points.

We have worked with large Irish and international companies to give them the best chances of coming out of a trade show with more clients and new business connections.

Through our trade show stand design process, we work closely with you to understand all these aspects and translate them into a successful booth that will attract your ideal customers.

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Exhibition Stands Ireland

When it comes to trade shows in Ireland, we have many years of experience in building exhibition stands that are fully tailored to the unique needs of your business.

Our structures and graphics can be reused, so you can get a custom stand and have it installed and removed several times a year, allowing you to cost-effectively participate in fairs and expos at all the prestigious event centres in the country.

Having a good presence at trade shows will help you stand out within your industry. It gives you a unique platform to showcase what you sell to a highly targeted audience. Trade show visitors are there because they are interested in your area of activity specifically, so the conversion rates tend to be much higher if you have something that sets you apart.

As a team of experienced designers and tradesmen, we understand the importance of good visuals and we always work closely with you towards an end result that you will love.

We offer a one-stop shop for all your design, manufacturing, and installation needs, so you only have to deal with a single company to take care of your trade show presence. Our quotations are free of charge and you can meet us to discuss every aspect of your unique booth.

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Exhibition Stand Installation

Once your exhibition stand is designed, our team of tradesmen will handle the installation process.

We employ carpenters and skilled labourers who know the importance of a timely and efficient installation, ensuring that your stand is ready before the event begins.

Our qualified technicians will handle all aspects of the installation, from structural setup to graphics and lighting, making things as easy as possible for you.

Dismantling & Storage

After the event concludes, we can offer dismantling and storage solutions while you get ready for the next trade show.

We can disassemble, package and store all the units and items that make up the exhibition booth, keeping everything in perfect condition until it’s time to install them again.

Exhibition Stand Design

Your design should align with the distinct identity and goals of your company.

Through our exhibition stand design service, we aim to create something that focuses on the features of your product and puts you in a professional light.

If you already have a layout plan, we can use it and make any changes you require. Alternatively, we can work to create our own, along with 3D visuals to give you a better idea of how the stand will look like on the exhibition floor.

Some convention centres are generous when it comes to the space allotted to each exhibitor, while others have size constraints that can be challenging to meet. We can give our designs a certain level of modularity to allow you to use any space efficiently.

Our company understands the significance of trade show booths and offers a comprehensive range of services to ensure that your booth meets your specific requirements and objectives.

There are 4 key features that most stands will need: bespoke furniture, graphics and banners, displays, and lighting along with the associated electrical work.

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Your exhibition stand will likely need some separator walls, some freestanding furniture with graphics, and some type of seating for your sales team and — optionally — visitors.

If you want to give people hands-on access to your products, display stands might be a good addition to the above. Most importantly, the units will be built in our workshop in Dublin to perfectly suit your needs for the layout, and can either be completely covered with your branding, spray painted in a solid colour for a modern aesthetic, or with a wood effect for a more timeless and luxurious look.

You will generally only have room for one or two items of furniture, so they need to be as impactful as possible.

Graphics & Banners

Your message will typically be conveyed by your graphics and banners. Your logo needs to be prominent, with either a list of your services or a clear mission statement.

We utilise high-quality materials and work with professional printing companies to ensure that your graphics and banners make a lasting impression. The units can be wrapped in printed vinyl with all your branding.

Trade Show Displays

Pop-up displays and interactive screens can increase visitor engagement, therefore maximising the impact of your exhibition stand.

Trade show displays can be set to play a promotional video on loop, they can allow passers-by to explore your range of products, and can be used as presentation screens by your sales team.

The displays can be placed on the stand walls on brackets, or they can be positioned inside TV units. This is also an efficient way to gain some storage for your marketing materials and business cards, and they can take any shape and size that you require. Click here for TV unit ideas that might work for you.

Lights & Electrics

Proper lighting is an excellent way to create ambiance with your exhibition stand. We provide expert lighting solutions that accentuate your products and create an inviting atmosphere.

Our own electricians will ensure that everything is installed seamlessly and safely, allowing you to focus on your presence at the show.

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Trade Show Locations in Ireland

Ireland is the host of several international trade shows, with a number of premier event centres in Dublin and outside. These venues provide excellent opportunities to showcase your products or services.

The most prominent trade show locations in Ireland are:

  • The RDS (Royal Dublin Society) in Dublin: Known for its rich history and extensive event facilities, the RDS is a renowned venue that hosts a wide range of trade shows and exhibitions throughout the year. It is often the venue of choice for the Dublin Horse Show, The Auto Trade Expo, Showcase Ireland, Dublin Marathon Expo, Datacentres Ireland, The Cosmetic Association Trade Show, Electex, Plumbex and more.

  • The CCD (Convention Centre Dublin): Situated in Dublin's vibrant city centre, The CCD offers world-class facilities and hosts numerous national and international trade shows and conferences such as Dublin ComicCon, The Wedding Journal Trade Show, Internet Engineering Task Force, ESPE, IAPF Investment Conference, CloudOpen, LinuxCon, among others.

  • Citywest Convention Centre in Dublin: Located in Dublin 24, Citywest Convention Centre is one of Ireland's largest exhibition venues and it includes accommodation and a golf resort. This Saggart-based centre can accommodate events of all sizes and is frequently the host of The Food, Retail & Hospitality Trade Show, The Hardware Show, 3D Printing Expo and more.

  • Croke Park in Dublin: Croke Park: This is an iconic venue with a rich sporting heritage and versatile event facilities. It is renowned for hosting a diverse range of events throughout the year, including Biz Expo, The Dublin Job Expo, Pilot Careers Expo, and Future in Pharmaceuticals Ireland.

Plenty of events and conferences outside Dublin take place in hotels, stadiums and resorts. No matter where your event is, our team can be there to set everything up for you when you need it.

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Bespoke Exhibition Stands

We understand that different industries have specific requirements when it comes to the design of your custom made exhibition stands. The wedding industry is vastly different from the medical sector.

Our specialised design service is adapted for all product and service categories to ensure that your exhibition stand is tailored to the needs of your target audience.

Send us your enquiry through our contact form or give us a call today and let’s start designing the perfect exhibition stand for you!

Dental & Medical Exhibition Stands

For dental and medical businesses, we provide exhibition stand designs that showcase professionalism, expertise, and innovation.

Whether you are launching new products or services or aiming to network with industry professionals, our bespoke units and graphics will help you make a lasting impact in the dental and medical exhibition circuit.

Furniture & Homeware Exhibition Stands

Exhibiting furniture and homeware requires a design that highlights the aesthetics and functionality of your products.

Our team specialises in creating exhibition stands that bring out the unique features of your furniture and homeware items, attracting potential customers and new industry connections alike.

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Wedding Exhibition Stands

When participating in wedding exhibitions, your stand needs to evoke emotions and capture the essence of romance and celebration.

Our wedding exhibition stand designs create an inviting and enchanting atmosphere, making your stand a must-visit for engaged couples and event planners.

Travel Exhibition Stands

In the travel industry, showcasing the destinations and experiences you offer is crucial. Our travel exhibition stand designs focus on creating immersive experiences that transport visitors to their dream destinations.

From stunning visuals to interactive elements, we ensure that your travel exhibition stand is just as unforgettable as the perfect holiday.

Technology Exhibition Stands

For businesses in the technology sector, it is essential to exhibit cutting-edge solutions or your own unique twist to an existing type of product.

Our technology exhibition stand designs emphasise modern aesthetics, interactivity, and the seamless integration of digital elements. We help you stand out among competitors and attract tech enthusiasts and potential clients.

Trade Fair Booth Quote

If you want your business to start attracting more attention at trade shows, fairs, and expos in Ireland's premier convention centres, send us your enquiry and we will get back to you with a competitive trade fair booth quote.

We specialise in professionally designed trade fair booths that make your company stand out among everyone in the venue. Contact us today and let us make your ideas a reality.

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