The Manufacturing Process

The Manufacturing Process employ a team of fully-qualified tradesmen, from electricians and carpenters to plumbers and tilers. No matter what type of shop front you need fitted we have the team and the experience to ensure you get the best possible build. We will take the design drawings either provided by us or from your architect and set the build into motion. We operate on a fast turnaround time, especially if it’s a refit, in order to get your store up and running as fast as possible.

The construction phase of the store fit out where we will build or order all of the furniture you need for your store. Generally speaking we prefer to build everything ourselves in our custom built factory in Dublin. We can choose the materials, size and design to ensure everything fits perfectly. The only time we will order in is if the client wants us to, or there’s a very specific piece we can’t build ourselves. As you can imagine, this gives us and our clients a lot of freedom in the design stage as there’s no need to stick to standard sizes for furniture and no need to pay exorbitant bespoke prices.

The benefit of building everything ourselves is that it allows an incredibly quick installation. If you do the entire project with us we will have designed and built every aspect of the shop fitting before we start, we know what will be tough and have manufactured all of the furniture we need. Essentially, we know how it’s all going to work and we have our plan sorted. All that’s left is putting it into practice.