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Hotel Fitout

A successful hotel fitout will help set your establishment apart in the Irish hospitality industry and, as a premier design and construction company, we understand the importance of creating exceptional spaces.

With the aim of transforming or renovating your existing hotel, we can take care of interior design, space planning, furniture selection, electricals, plumbing and décor.

Our company employs a team of qualified tradesmen, and in our workshop in Dublin we can manufacture bespoke solutions for all aspects of your project.

We know how to blend a good design with functionality, comfort and guest experience in order to create a lasting experience in every room.

Get in touch with us today through our enquiry form and let us schedule a call to discuss your requirements and to turn your hotel fitout ideas into reality.

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Hotel Fitout Ireland

Travelling business people and tourists visiting Ireland usually expect a high level of quality when it comes to their accommodation.

Your hotel fitout in Ireland can be innovative, while still creating a beautiful and authentic atmosphere.

As location is key for many travellers, we can adapt our work to suit the surroundings of your establishment. Whether it’s in Dublin or somewhere else in the country, on the coast or in the mountains, we can help you emphasise your main selling points and help you position your hotel for success.

We offer a fully bespoke set of services depending on the features of your place, such as luxurious suites, hotel restaurants and bars, conference rooms, or indoor venues for weddings and other events.

No matter what you aim to achieve with your fitout, you can trust our team to deliver unmatched expertise when it comes to it and to do so on time and on budget.

Our team is always keen to take on a new project and to carry it to completion to the best of our abilities. Let us work on a visually stunning, functional, and efficient hotel space for you.

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Hotel Design

The design process is the first step in every hotel fitout and it will determine how captivating and optimised the whole place will be by the end of the job.

The unique environments that we make are planned in a way that reflects your brand identity and caters to the type of guests that you want.

We aim to provide you with a professional layout and aesthetic that takes into account all your needs and ideas. We work with experienced architects that are used to working on hotel plans, and with interior designers that will choose the best furniture, lighting, colour schemes and decorative elements throughout the place.

Our approach is a realistic one, but we always add a touch of innovation to everything we create, looking to set your hotel apart from the other options in your area and bring your vision to life.

Hotel Room Design

Most of the impact your business will have on your customers will be through the hotel room design.

You need a look that makes your clients think of comfort and relaxation. As far as the layout goes, you should find one that is adaptable, and which can be used for classic double rooms, twins, singles — and suites as well, if you so desire.

A lot of the time, the floor space allocated to each room will be relatively small, but we can give it a spacious feel that your guests will love.

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Hotel Reception Design

As the first point of contact between your establishment and its visitors, your reception plays an important role in shaping their impression of you and your services.

We create welcoming and visually attractive reception areas through our hotel reception design service, managing to blend aesthetics with functionality.

Our tradesmen pay attention to every detail in an effort to find the best layout, materials, finishes and lighting and bring them all together into a striking check-in experience.

Our reception desks can accommodate multiple staff members at the same time and can include wiring for all their equipment, comfortable seating, ample storage and an excellent design.

As far as the seating goes for people checking in and out or waiting for the rest of their group after breakfast, we can build fully bespoke seating options

Hotel Restaurant Design

If your hotel has one or more restaurants, it will quickly become a gathering place for guests and an opportunity to generate more income.

With an impactful hotel restaurant design you can create an inviting dining space that will keep customers engaged during their stay. The convenience factor will make people more likely to dine at your restaurant than to leave the hotel to get to another place, and that is especially true with business travellers who have limited free time.

Your cuisine is not the only thing you need to think about. Fortunately, we can help you by designing a stunning restaurant with the right seating arrangements, lighting, acoustics and overall ambiance for you, so that you can focus only on the services you provide.

Hotel Bathroom Design

Hotel bathrooms and ensuites need to be well-designed, providing a luxurious experience in a space that is, typically, small.

Aside from incorporating modern amenities for a maximum of comfort, your hotel bathroom design needs to be devised in a way that allows for easy and efficient cleaning. This will result in significant time savings for your housekeeping staff, and reduce your operating costs in the long run.

For stylish bathrooms with high-quality fixtures and fittings we can do everything from the plans to the actual tiling and plumbing.

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Room Fitout

Transforming a hotel room into a unique sleeping and relaxation space is a rather involved process and there are many things that need to be satisfied for a successful room fitout.

Furniture selection (or the manufacturing of bespoke furniture that takes advantage of the exact shape and size of each room) needs to be done carefully and with consideration to the overall aesthetic of the hotel.

Our team can do everything you need. We can provide customised solutions for your rooms and build the furniture according to your specifications, prioritising guest satisfaction.

Suite Fitout

In any hotel, suites are the top tier of luxury and exclusivity.

Our suite fitout service focuses on creating personalised spaces that provide guests with an extraordinary experience.

We pay attention to every detail and can fit suites with multiple bathrooms, bedrooms, and impactful sitting rooms that will accommodate groups of any size with ease.

Quality Hotel Fitout Services

As a leading hotel fitting company in Ireland, we take pride in delivering services that exceed your expectations.

Using the most suitable materials and building techniques, our cabinet makers and tradesmen make things that work well aesthetically and have excellent durability, ensuring that renovating your hotel again will not be a concern for many years.

If you already have some ideas about how you want your fitout to look, you can send us any plans and drawings and our team can work based on them. Alternatively, you can leave all these matters in the hands of our architects and designers.

Better solutions result in fewer vacancies and longer periods in which your hotel is fully booked, operating at maximum profitability and keeping all your staff busy even in high-demand cities such as Dublin.

By working together on the perfect design for you, we can combine our expertise in the construction and manufacturing industry with your expertise in the hospitality sector, resulting in the perfect establishment for your target clientele.

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Hotel Renovation

Many hotels in Ireland have long histories, often changing their ownership and requiring a renovation to bring them in line with the expectations of the new management.

Other times, hotel renovations are simply needed due to the passing of time and shifting of trends. Not everything needs to be brand new, and a good redesign can keep a lot of the existing character of the building and enhance it with modern solutions and amenities.

Whether you are planning to modernise your hotel, create a luxurious space, bring much-needed changes while sticking to a budget, or renovate a guest house, we have the expertise to bring your vision to life.

Contact us and tell us about your project, and one of our staff members will schedule a meeting to see what is the best way to accomplish your goals.

Modern Hotel Renovation

Modern hotel renovations focus on incorporating contemporary design elements and recent technology to create spaces that appeal to the modern traveller.

We employ a team of qualified electricians who can carry out any upgrades to the wiring, rewire the property or do the initial set up for future car charger installations in the parking area. With more and more electric vehicles on the road, many hotels have started offering access to EV chargers as part of their accommodation packages, and that is especially the case with higher-end establishments.

Our team of experts stays abreast of the latest trends in the hospitality industry, ensuring that your hotel renovation project reflects the current demands and preferences of guests.

Luxury Hotel Renovation

Creating a refined experience requires significant experience, and our luxury hotel renovation service encompasses the use of high end materials, luxurious furnishings made specifically for your place, and exquisite finishes.

With the goal of achieving an atmosphere of grandeur and indulgence, we take care of every detail throughout the entire building, and make sure that the end result will reflect the layouts and visualisations we created during the planning stage.

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Budget Hotel Renovation

If you are catering to the needs of budget-oriented tourists and workers, we can provide ideal options for making the most out of each room while maintaining excellent aesthetics and helping you keep costs down.

Budget hotels often have hundreds of rooms and relatively little time to outfit all of them. We focus on efficiency and can assign a team that is large enough to carry out the work within the deadline that you have.

Guest House Renovation

Our guest house renovation service focuses on creating cosy with a home-away-from-home experience for your guests.

From revamping common areas (like the breakfast room) to updating guest rooms, we tailor our renovation services to meet your specific needs for guest houses big and small.

Experts in Irish Hospitality

We have been working alongside people from the Irish hospitality industry for years, gathering the knowledge and experience to create exceptional fitouts for every type of establishment.

Our team can offer expert designs and flawless execution for Bed & Breakfasts, Spa & Golf Resorts, Hotels and Wedding Venues, Motels, Hostels, and everything else.

Bed & Breakfast Fitout

Bed & Breakfast places need a warm and intimate feel that will charm your clients and showcase the distinctive character of your property.

In a B&B, each room can have its own style and they can all fit within the overall aesthetic of the house while maintaining their individuality through colours, materials and décor.

If you are using your place for Airbnb or a similar service, we can also incorporate systems that allow for self check-in, and that keep your investment secure and cost-efficient to run.

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Spa & Golf Resort Fitout

Recreation and wellness come together in Spa and Golf Resorts and they are the top choice for a category of clients that spare no expense for their enjoyment.

Most hotels in this category are positioned in harmony with the natural surroundings, and through our services we can make sure the views are a big focus, keeping your guests in a permanent holiday mood.

From spa facilities to indoor pools, saunas, dressing rooms, and golf clubhouses, we put a lot of value on understanding the needs of luxury-oriented travellers and constructing spaces that will make them keep coming back.

Hotel & Wedding Venue

For versatile spaces that can offer both accommodation and satisfy event requirements, we can design and outfit your property to wonderfully serve this dual role.

Our hotel and venue fitout service is tailored to each establishment, creating beautiful celebration areas with dance floors and live music arrangements, brightly-decorated rooms for the couple and their families and friends, and anything else you need to differentiate yourself from the competition.

Boutique Hotel

Boutique hotels need to focus on unique design elements and flawless attention to detail, catering to people who want to spend their holidays in a place with a personalised feel.

We enjoy creating enchanting and stylish designs for boutique hotel interiors, reflecting the ideas that you have and the small additions that make this place uniquely yours.

Motels & Hostels

When efficient use of space is the top priority, our motel and hostel fitouts in Ireland are the perfect choice for you.

Hostels with bunk beds can typically accommodate 12 or 16 people in their larger rooms, making it easy to increase their revenue. You can click here for quality bunk beds that we can supply and install. All the models being time-tested and reliable so you can rest assured that they will remain in good shape for many years.

Maximising comfort and functionality, we offer cost-effective and practical furniture with excellent durability, specifically geared towards places that rely on a large number of guests and no disruptions.

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Benefits of Our Design & Fitout Service

Choosing our design and fitout service for your hotel project comes with the assurance that you will always deal with experts that have the perfect end result for you as their goal.

  • Fully Bespoke Designs
    If you are part of a hotel chain, we can adapt to your brand guidelines and draw inspiration from your other establishments. However, if your design aims to be unique, we can tailor every aspect to your preferences, budget, and the strong points of your business.
  • Superior Quality
    Quality is at the core of everything we do. From the selection of materials to the craftsmanship of our interior designers, cabinet makers, carpenters, plumbers, electricians, tilers, painters and all their labourers, we prioritise superior quality in every aspect of the fitout process.
  • Timely Project Completion
    Time is of the essence in the hospitality industry. Delays in the completion of your hotel fitout can result in revenue loss and guest dissatisfaction, so we prioritise timely project completion without compromising on quality. Our project management team ensures efficient coordination of all tasks and trades, keeping the project on schedule and within the set deadline.

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With our expertise and commitment to excellence, we are confident that we can bring your vision to life and help you create an exceptional guest experience that makes your property memorable in the competitive Irish hospitality industry.

Ready to take the next step in transforming your hotel into a stunning and functional space? Contact us today for a comprehensive hotel fitout quote.

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