Restaurant Fitout Dublin: Avalunch

What a great name, isn’t it? It would be a shame if a client so creative ended up with a mundane design for their restaurant.

You may or may not know, but Dublin is one of the best cities in Europe if you are a foodie. Great selection of restaurants, skilled cooks, excellent service. If there is a city  in which you want to find yourself hungry, that city is Dublin.

For a restaurant owner this means competition. Fierce, highly dangerous competition. And how do you handle that? That’s right. With top-tier looks, quality food, and good prices.

We are no cooks, so we had to take care of the restaurant fit-out instead. The photo gallery below shows you all you need to know: we provided Avalunch a magnificent design that practically draws customers into it.

Restaurant Fitout: What we did

You can’t run a restaurant if you’re going to seat your customers in plastic chairs and serve their food on IKEA tables. We custom built the tables, the food display stand and the counter. When you’re working on a restaurant, the color palette is probably one of the most important choices you have to make – getting it wrong could draw the attention away from the food. So the furniture is homely and reliable, but not in a way that would shift focus from the tasty bites.

Look above and you will see a wooden plank ceiling that gives an elegant, yet modern look to the place. We drew inspiration for it from some of the highest-rated restaurants all around the world – we don’t know why, but many of them seem to have it, and as soon as we sketched it out it looked like a perfect fit.

We built all of the furniture for the restaurant, made out of wood that they hand picked for themselves, We installed all the lights and electrical appliances, such as fridges, ovens and such. We also fitted all the radiators with beautiful dark oak radiator cabinets to keep that traditional-yet-modern aesthetic that the client wanted. 

We'll take a break to mention that, if you are looking for a complete commercial construction and can't find the right building contractors for the job, hiring a local builder to take care of the project from scratch would be your best bet. This is, of course, more appropriate for larger projects which require actual construction work; so if you are just renting a space and all you need in interior work, don't worry about it.

Our team also took its time to build an equally modern and minimalist bathroom. Many businesses neglect it, but statistically speaking almost 10% of all selfies posted on social media sites like Facebook and Instagram are taken – yes, you guessed it – in restaurant bathrooms. Whose job is to make this kind of statistics? We don’t know. But we did it because we wanted Avalunch’s customers to be comfortable there too.

As you may know if you’ve checked some other projects of ours, our team employs a number of highly experienced electricians and technicians which did all of the electrical work in the place. We also chose the best materials and designs for the light fixtures. After all, who is going to notice a great interior design while they are eating in darkness?

Finally, we built the wooden floor which you can see in the pics. It perfectly matches the ceiling and the tablet resulting in complete harmony between the materials and the overall design of the establishment.

How it looks? Amazing. An A++ Restaurant fitout

After weeks of plans, scrapped designs and exhausting work hours, we´re proud to say we got the design right. Avalunch is easily one of the more unique restaurants in the area, and it’s not just because of the food. It’s because of the great restaurant fit-out.

If you too require a complete fit-out for your restaurant (or any business, actually), you can give us a call to discuss your needs. Go on, pick up the phone and ring us. We’re waiting.

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