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Restaurant Fitout

We are a Dublin-based shopfitting company dedicated to transforming spaces into captivating and functional restaurants.

Our team of professional restaurant fitters and skilled tradesmen have all the expertise needed to bring your vision to life when it comes to your restaurant fitout in Ireland.

All our bespoke restaurant designs are planned from the start to create an inviting atmosphere for your guests. From the early stages of planning to the very last finishing touches, we always pay maximum attention to detail and consider every aspect of your project carefully.

You have unique preferences and requirements. We understand that, and whether you are looking for a restaurant renovation or a completely new fitout, our team will work with you to create a space that you and your guests will love.

Contact us today to discuss your needs and get a quote for your restaurant fitout.

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Restaurant Fitout Ireland

Functionality and aesthetics need to be blended together if you want to offer a great dining experience.

Shop fitters in Ireland know the importance of seating arrangements, bar areas, lighting, decorative elements, and having a functional and efficient commercial kitchen in which your chefs and their helpers can be productive.

Over the years, we have worked on fine dining restaurants, modern bistros, pubs and gastro-pubs, trendy cafés and much more. We can work with any style or theme.

If you are looking for a restaurant fitting contractor in Ireland, get in touch with us and we will create an unforgettable space that will satisfy all your specifications.

Restaurant Fitout Service

Our restaurant fitouts in Ireland ensure that every detail is taken care of, as it should always be the case in the food and hospitality industry.

There are certain complexities of the process, but in the next sections you can find a breakdown of the main benefits of hiring us for a renovation or fitout and gain a better understanding of what goes into building restaurants that will earn you repeat business.

Meeting & Quotation

An initial consultation is the first step towards seeing your goal materialise.

If you already have architectural drawings and a tender breakdown to send us, we will get accustomed to it before the meeting.

During the initial meeting, we will discuss your vision for your project, your restaurant’s theme and brand elements, as well as your desired ambiance.

We can then price your existing tender or our Quantity Surveyor can put one together based on your requirements.

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Design & Planning

Every restaurant design sits somewhere along the curve between modern and traditional.

If you know the aesthetic that we are aiming for, we can turn it into a cohesive restaurant design while incorporating your ideas.

The design and planning stage may not be necessary if you have already dealt with an architect and an interior designer for your project. If you are starting from the very beginning, we can offer these services for you.

Construction & Execution

Once your plans and designs are ready, our skilled tradesmen can bring your restaurant fitout to life.

You can count on the quality of our work throughout the weeks of the execution phase. You will be able to watch your project take shape in the hands of our carpenters, plumbers, electricians, plasterers and experienced labourers.

We can offer fully bespoke dining tables or, through our suppliers, we can obtain a wide range of suitable options that will fit in with the rest of the décor. Quality dining tables and chairs will last a long time and they can look amazing if you choose the right style.

We provide clear communication and our Project Manager will tie in with you regularly and provide you updates, anticipating possible slowdowns and working with you to minimise their impact on your timelines so that your restaurant can be ready to welcome guests.

Finishes & Decorating

Flooring, tiling, painting and placing decorative elements is all done in the final stage of your restaurant fitout when we focus on finishes and details.

This is also the time to get all your necessary certificates in order for fire safety and everything else depending on your specific case.

Any snags or last-minute changes can also be addressed now, and with a final round of professional cleaning, your place is ready to open for business.

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Restaurant Renovation

A well-planned restaurant renovation can give your establishment a completely new breath of life and bring in many new customers looking to try out an exciting new place.

With a reworked menu and a revamped and welcoming interior, your business can undergo a transformation that will improve its chances of succeeding in the competitive Irish restaurant industry.

Some restaurant renovations are done out of necessity, while many others are an investment into an already very popular business. No matter your reasons, we can identify the key aspects that need work and make a plan that will address everything with quality workmanship and unparalleled attention to detail.

Food Establishment Redesign

There are usually two ways in which you can approach a food establishment design, and they typically come at very different price points.

The first way, which tends to be more cost-effective, is to give your place a facelift while maintaining its current character and as many existing elements as possible. If your kitchen is in good shape, for example, you can aim to get more years out of it before you change it. Most of the benefit will come from rethinking your dining area, offering additional seating, and making the interior look more in tune with current trends.

The second way is more impactful and involves starting almost with a blank slate and creating a design that’s almost entirely different — perhaps with the exception of some aesthetic elements that are very closely linked with your brand. This is often the approach taken when the restaurant moves under new management which has a different vision for it than the previous owners.

Commercial Kitchen Contractor

The heart of any restaurant is its kitchen, and a good commercial kitchen contractor can bring its efficiency to maximum, provide a place in which your chefs and their aides feel comfortable working, and is compliant with Irish health and safety regulations.

We have been involved in the outfitting or refitting of many commercial kitchens and know how to help streamline your team’s workflow, how to choose and install top-quality equipment, and to come up with an ergonomic layout that will satisfy the needs of even the highest-level restaurants.

Your appliances will be installed by our qualified electricians, and your water and waste will be taken care of adequately by our specialised plumbing team. All other needs can be met depending on your specific situation.

Restaurant Remodelling Contractor

Revitalising your food business can be easy and worry-free in the hands of an experienced restaurant remodelling contractor, and our company can provide complete solutions for establishments of any size.

We can add fresh and modern elements, reimagine the bar area, or create a more open and inviting layout. With efficient project management, timely completion, and minimal disruption to your operations, we do our best to exceed your expectations and add you to our long list of happy clients.

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Restaurant Design

Designing a restaurant involves more than just the fitout itself. It begins with coming up with a concept for a captivating space that reflects your theme and appeals to the type of guest that you seek.

We offer every type of restaurant design service, from traditional restaurant fitouts to specialised themes such as seafood and grill, Italian, Indian, French, fine dining, and more. Our team will bring your restaurant design vision to life, ensuring a cohesive and visually stunning result.

Contact us today to discuss your restaurant fitout project. Our dedicated team is based in Dublin, but we have carried out fitouts across Ireland. We are ready to collaborate with you and create a dining space that leaves a lasting impression on every customer.

Quality Restaurant Fitouts

You can count on us to provide bespoke solutions and a flawlessly executed restaurant fitout.

Our high quality work has been appreciated by large Irish and international companies in many industries, including many food and hospitality brands such as Heineken, The Temple Bar, Chatime, and a large number of independently owned restaurants in Dublin.

There are many types of food establishments and the cruising and themes are very different from one place to the next, but no matter what you are looking for, we are sure to have the right solution for you.

Café Fitouts

Café designs tend to be vibrant and inviting and there is an infinity of options if you want to create your very own, completely unique space.

You can go for a dynamic design if you want people to be in and out for their morning break, or you can do the complete opposite and have a cosy fitout with ample seating if you want to entice your customers to stay longer, work remotely, read, or meet up with friends and socialise in your coffee shop.

Attractive counter displays for your paninis and deli counter will push more sales, and we can do the wiring and install all your catering equipment so that you can begin (or continue) your café business journey in style.

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Hotel Restaurant Fitouts

If elegance and good taste is what you want your guests to experience when staying at your hotel or bed and breakfast, rest assured that our experienced team is well-versed in creating exceptional dining spaces to complement the accommodation.

Breakfast areas need to be quick and efficient, getting your clients ready to enjoy a day in town or meeting their own clients or partners. Regardless if your target guests are travelling for business or for pleasure, you want them in and out of your hotel’s breakfast restaurant in a short amount of time.

If your hotel also accommodates the needs of guests who wish to dine, we can design and fit a luxurious restaurant that people won’t hesitate to mention in their reviews.

Many hotels in Ireland have bars or some form of bar-and-restaurant combination. We can design such an area for you and have it professionally installed.

Takeaway Restaurant Fitouts

A takeaway needs to be efficient, allowing for a queue to form up inside, and provide a designated area where people can wait for their order.

In an ideal scenario, your takeaway fitout should have ample signage to draw people in, and once inside they should be presented with your special deals and the rest of your menu in a way that’s clear and attractive.

Making sure your catering equipment and appliances are working at all times is a top priority because every hour of downtime will lose you sales and can disappoint your regular customers, which is why we have our own electricians to do all the wiring necessary to keep your commercial ovens, fryers and refrigeration units working at the peak of their performance.

If you are planning to open or renovate a takeaway place, send us your enquiry and let’s discuss your requirements today.

Italian Restaurant Fitout

Italian restaurants are known for their inviting atmosphere and hearty dishes, and an Italian restaurant fitout can capture the essence of the culture, incorporate rustic elements, earthy tones and cosy seating arrangements.

Traditional Italian food is almost always enjoyed with wine, and we can design and build stylish wine racks and fit out a complete wine cellar to store your bottles.

Additionally, we can install a wood fire oven for pizza and focaccia and supply and install restaurant-grade barbecues and appliances.

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Indian Restaurant Fitout

Your Indian restaurant fitout can showcase the vibrant world of Indian cuisine, with bespoke furniture, ornate decor and intricate lighting.

Our design team can bring the richness of Indian culture to your restaurant fitout and amaze every single guest that comes through your door.

French Restaurant Fitout

A French restaurant fitout should generally be elegant, with a romantic atmosphere reminiscent of the Parisian way of life. Classic motifs, luxurious materials, and soft lighting can enhance the dining experience.

Every element should either be a statement piece, or subtly integrated into its surroundings.

Take the radiators for example: you can place them inside radiator cabinets to keep them out of sight, or you can opt to install classic ornate radiators painted in a contrasting colour. We can build radiator cabinets with a pattern that matches other design elements.

For people to enjoy themselves you want the setting to match the sophistication of the food you are serving. Let us make this an easy and worry-free process for you.

Fine Dining Restaurant Fitout

A fine dining restaurant fitout takes experience and effort at every stage of the design and execution processes.

Our goal as shopfitters is to create a luxurious and intimate atmosphere that complements your exquisite cuisine. We aim to craft every detail with the utmost care and deliver an unforgettable experience for your guests.

Contact us if you wish to discuss your restaurant fitout in Ireland and our dedicated team of designers, tradesmen and project managers will work with you to bring your restaurant design to life!

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