Shop Fitout: Hair Club

In September 2015 were contracted to build a brand new shop for our client, Hair Club, a hair and beauty specialist located in Dublin. The client needed a full shop fitting but they only had a general idea of what they wanted their shop to look like. This is very common, most customers just have a general idea of how they want their shop to look, without knowing the specific details at the conceptional stage of the project.

The guidelines we were given by the client are very visible in the pictures, they wanted a store flanked by glass boxes that they could place the hair samples in, with a couch in the middle and a reception desk sitting at the back. This design is fairly simple and isn’t difficult to build. However, like all important commercial fittings, it is clever. The reception desk being far back in the shop means potential customers need to walk through the store, viewing the products as they go, to speak to someone, and makes them much less likely to leave, particularly when combined with friendly staff to make them feel at home. The couch serves a dual purpose, the first, that it’s a couch waiting clients can sit on – which is a no brainer, the second, it’s a nice couch that looks homely and inviting, which is especially important in a beauty store, where the shop can sometimes live and die based solely on the relationship it has with customers; nobody wants to stay silent for two hours while they get their hair done. The shop design merely reflects the kind of interaction staff should have with customers, a good salon is much more than the products it sells, and this is true of any business premises.

Construction wise, completed the entire shop fitting. From removing all waste that was left by previous occupiers, taking the old store apart and installing the entire store at the end. We operate a custom-built factory in Dublin, and usually build all of the furniture we use (such as the glass frames) ourselves. This gives us a really nice edge over other shop fitting companies when it comes to the design stage, if there’s any particular feature you want your stores furniture to have there’s a great chance we can build it ourselves, giving you full creative control, which the HairClub store took full advantage of.

The overall store took around four weeks to finish, which is fairly fast especially given we would need to build furniture during this time too, and the build includes the front showroom, storage, toilets a small staff room and almost all the furniture you can see. The only thing we don’t provide is the kettle! Our installation includes full electrical and plumbing by qualified technicians; if you install with us we complete absolutely every aspect of the project ourselves, which means you work with one company and get one quote.

If you need to get your store designed, manufactured and installed with a fully qualified professional company give a call and we’ll talk out what you need to get done, how we do it and come up with some quotes.

Check it out: The HairClub Fitout

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